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SEC Position Paper

Singapore used 3 billion bags in 2011, which came from approximately 37 million kilograms of crude oil and 12 million kilograms of natural gas.

While some of us use the bags to carry groceries, takeaway food or even trash, many of the other odd-sized bags are often used just once. Typically, takeaway bags and food bags less than 12 inches are all too small to be reused for binning trash.

Littering of plastic bags clog drains and canals and increases the likelihood of flooding. Many end up in reservoirs, rivers and even oceans, endangering marine life.

A plastic bag that is thrown away goes to one of Singapore's 4 waste-to-energy incineration plants. Ashes are then sent to Singapore's only landfill at Pulau Semakau. If we continue sending waste to the landfill at the current rate, Pulau Semakau will run out of space by 2035.

The manufacturing, usage and disposal of plastic bags bears a negative impact on the environment. By reducing the number of plastic bags we use every day, we can make a huge difference to our environment!


Every individual has a part to play in reducing the use of plastic bags in our everyday lives! Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Look out for our set of colourful and informative posters! Use them as your desktop wallpaper, share them on your favourite social media platform, print them out for your classroom or workplace, or just email them to your friends! These posters were developed by SEC, in collaboration with the National Institute of Education.

Plastic Bag Position Paper

Gain a detailed and thorough understanding by reading SEC's position paper. The wastage of plastic bags is a serious issue, and we at SEC, take a serious view on it. We have compiled studies and analysis to show the harmful aspects, and hope to bring on a change in the mindset and behaviour of the population. If you wish for a more sustainable future for our children and generations to come, continue the momentum of our effort. It is through education that Singapore has become a first-world nation. It is through education, that we must now maintain a 'first-world environment'.

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Educational Starter Kits

Use our educational materials specially designed by the National Institute of Education and SEC by clicking on the quick links below! Learning takes on a different form, as the message of environmental protection comes through in a manner which youths and kids can appreciate.


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