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About Project: Eco-Office

About Eco-Office

Project: Eco-Office is a joint initiative between Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and City Developments Limited (CDL) and was launched on 5th June 2002 to mark World Environment Day. The first phase of this on-going program involved the distribution of ECO-Office Kits, which contained materials to help companies raise awareness and cultivate environment-friendly habits within the workplace. To date over 800 kits have been distributed to offices nationwide.

The second phase of Project: Eco-Office was launched during Clean and Green Week November 2003 and aimed to further the interest and effectiveness of the program by developing a website to allow ease and low cost dissemination of awareness materials.

One of the key programs associated with the second phase of Project: Eco-Office is the online Eco-Office Rating System which enables offices to perform a self-audit based on simple metrics, such as corporate environmental policy and commitment, purchasing practice, waste minimisation measures, level of recycling, amongst other variables. Offices will be able to gauge their performance over time and the Eco-Office Rating System also forms the basis on which offices that rate well enough can apply for an Eco-Office Label (previously known as the Green Office Label).

Project Objectives:

  • To bring the environmental message to offices in Singapore by incorporating environmental practices into the daily lives of office workers.
  • To inspire and educate management and non-management staff to do their part to preserve the environment.
  • To ensure that the environmental alternatives are easy, convenient and cost-effective for office staff to implement.
  • To promote the principles and practices of office environmental responsibility, through sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • To provide an effective benchmarking tool to facilitate development of a continual improvement cycle for office 'greening'.
  • To identify areas of environmental initiative in greatest need of improvement.