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Eco-Office Label

Eligibility for application of Eco-Office Label

Any organisation may apply for the Eco-Office Label; it is not restricted by industry. Everyone can do their part for the environment in their daily work place.

The Eco-Office Label is applicable to all organisations regardless of size.

The definition of an 'Office' under the Eco-Office Labelling Scheme

Any area of the organisation that engages in office duties and involves paper work would fall under this classification. This includes the reception area. Production and manufacturing activities are excluded.

The cost of the Eco-Office Label and its renewal

The cost of certification is S$1,500 (subject to GST). The same rate applies for re-certification which is done every three years.

Validity of the Eco-Office certification

The Eco-Office Label certification is valid for three years from the date of certification. The office needs to undergo re-certification to continue using the Eco-Office label after the first or latest label has expired.

Benefits of the Eco-Office certification

  • Maximisation of cost savings - complementing efforts to develop green infrastructure in offices and buildings

    This is the tangible aspect as the office works towards keeping within the targets set for its environmental goals and reducing water, electricity and paper consumption.
  • Environmental credentials through branding and promotion

    This is the intangible aspect which gives the organisation the standing of being environmentally responsible in the eyes of investors, and company stakeholders. This branding also allows Eco-Offices to distinguish themselves as different – having a green culture instilled within the organisation.
  • Observing the cascade effect

    There is also an indirect benefit of spreading the environmental message beyond the office, as employees bring the habit of being environmentally conscious back to their homes where they eventually see a reduction in their home utility bills.