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SEC-CDL Project: Eco-Office video 2015
Project: Eco-Office Video 2014
"Give to Green": Water You Thinking?!
"Give to Green": Paper Use - Pay per Use
"Give to Green": Frisbee Kind to the Environment
Project: Eco-Office Video 2013
How did Project: Eco-Office come about? What has transpired since then? What are some of the leading examples of Eco-Offices? Click 'Play' to find out!
Project: Eco-Office Awareness
Sometimes we might not notice how our actions would translate to drastic changes in the amount consumed. Have you thought about how your actions now would make a difference in the future? Click below to watch the video!
Project: Eco-Office 10th Anniversary Celebrations Video
This video was created for the Project Eco-Office 10th anniversary celebrations in February 2012
Information presented is only accurate as of February 2012.