Award Categories & Structure

Award Committees
Award Criteria Structure
SEC-SETSCO Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Manufacturing)

Each level of the Environment Leadership Pyramid is defined as follows:

Level 1: Systems and management refers to the environmental standards in place and how environmental initiatives are practised and managed in the organization

Level 2: Environmental Performance – Measurements for environmental performance include reduction in consumption levels, carbon emissions, improving awareness levels, and avoiding environmental impact

Level 3: Innovation refers to the development of creative approach to improve environmental performance

Level 4: Leadership – Execution of leadership - driving awareness and buy-in for environmental initiatives within the organisation and externally in the business industry

SEC-CITIC Telecom Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services)
SEC-Lee Foundation Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Public Sector)
SEC Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional)
SEC-MPA Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Maritime)
SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award The SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award is given to innovative products in the market that aid to improve environmental performance and/or reduce environmental impact. Each product application is judged according to the following criteria:
  • Attributes and recognition of product innovation
  • Competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Environmental benefit of product innovation
  • Initial investments
SEC-CDL Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award Only applicants who have been shortlisted as winners of the Manufacturing, Services, Public Sector, Maritime, and Regional categories for the present year will be eligible for the final category – the SEC-CDL Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award.