First Copy Papers certified under SEC's enhanced Green Labelling Scheme for pulp and paper

First Copy Papers certified under SEC's enhanced Green Labelling Scheme for pulp and paper

First Copy Papers certified under SEC's enhanced Green Labelling Scheme for pulp and paper

12 Feb 2018

Consumers now have 16 sustainable paper products to choose from.

Singapore, February 27, 2018: The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) today announced four additional products have been certified under its enhanced Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS).

Two of the products are offered by UPM Specialty Papers APAC, part of UPM Group which is headquartered in Finland, while the other two products are offered by Fuji Xerox Singapore, whose headquarters is located in Japan. This brings the number of products certified under the scheme to 16.

The newly certified products are: 

  1. Fuji Xerox Business Printing Paper (70gsm, 80gsm)
  2. Fuji Xerox Performer Printing Paper (70gsm, 80gsm)
  3. UPM Office Multifunction Copy Paper (70/75/80gsm)
  4. UPM Yes Silver Multifunction Copy Paper (70/75/80gsm)

These products can now display the enhanced SGLS logo on their packaging, confirming they have been sustainably produced.

The first 12 products to receive certification under the enhanced SGLS are produced by consumer goods company Kimberly-Clark who produces brands like Kleenex®, Scott®, WypAll* range of products.

Another 35 paper products from 11 companies have been submitted to SEC and are currently undergoing the enhanced SGLS evaluation process.

The enhanced SGLS plays a critical role in reducing the risk of another damaging haze incident by requiring paper companies to comply with one of the toughest environmental standards in the world, including a requirement of zero-burning on plantations.

To achieve certification, applicants undergo a detailed audit and evaluation of their entire product supply chain – from the sourcing and manufacturing right through to the distribution and sale of their pulp and paper products. Certified products are subjected to an annual audit as well as periodic ground surveillance to ensure compliance.

Ms Jen Teo, Executive Director of SEC said consumers should purchase paper products with the enhanced SGLS logo as a way of making a personal contribution to the fight against haze and climate change.

The Singapore Green Label is a symbol of sustainable manufacturing and good environmental practice. Singaporeans should reward companies doing the right thing by choosing SGLS certified products over those of their competitors,” Ms Teo said.

Mr Ian Hamilton, UPM’s Area Sales Director for SEA welcomed the SGLS certification, saying the company was proud to make paper products that meet the highest standards of sustainable manufacturing.

“UPM leads the forest-based bioindustry into a sustainable, innovation-driven, and exciting future. Our biodiversity programme, which was introduced over two decades ago, provides us with a systematic approach to maintaining and increasing forest biodiversity as well as promoting best practices in sustainable forestry and wood sourcing.”

“UPM’s products are made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. We continuously work to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and products throughout the entire product lifecycle,” Mr Hamilton said.

Ms Janet Neo, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific said, “Fuji Xerox is honoured to receive the enhanced pulp and paper label, highlighting the robustness of our ethical paper sourcing methods that consider biodiversity protection and local communities.”

“We want to offer our customers peace of mind when they use our paper products. We will continue to pursue innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services without compromising quality standards.”

To view a list of certified paper prodcuts, please visit the SGLS directory.