The SEC Green Map is a comprehensive, one-stop mobile platform to help Singaporeans discover the greener side of our little red dot.

In 2000, SEC produced the first Green Map of Singapore. It was the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and only the second in Asia. With numerous discoveries and changes over time, SEC has decided to launch a revamped version of the map with much richer information.

The new SEC Green Map seeks to make full use of today’s technology. It encompasses data and connects users in a green way, with real-time information. The mobile application will provide easily accessible information on Singapore’s green assets all on a single platform.

In its first version, the SEC Green Map allows users to:

  • Locate eco-certified establishments, such as shops and restaurants;
  • Find their way to the nearest recycling stations or donation points for second-hand items;
  • Discover Singapore’s natural heritage, including parks and nature reserves.

At a later stage, the map will include information that will engage consumers in a more interactive way. Users will be able to calculate their own carbon footprint and be rewarded for choosing to reduce their carbon consumption through a series of activities.

Through the SEC Green Map, SEC aims to get individuals, companies and communities involved in the journey towards an eco-smart and future ready nation.

The SEC Green Map Android app is available for download at the Google Play store here. Stay tuned for the iOS version!