School Green Awards

School Green Awards

The SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) is a self-audited voluntary environmental programme which serves as a platform for students to develop and showcase their environmental efforts, through customised activities which will help them gain better understanding of the environment.

Every year, submissions come from preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, international schools, schools for students with special needs and institutes of higher learning. SGA also receives submissions from schools overseas. In 2016, heavier emphasis is being placed on the role of advocacy by students, with the incorporation of the community environmental outreach component. 

Based on the audits submitted, together with random site visits by SEC, schools qualify for one of four awards - the Palm, Hibiscus, Orchid and the top level Lotus Award. Schools which receive the Lotus Award for at least three consecutive times will attain the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award. Preschools will be in running for the Daisy Award, with the similarly structured Daisy Sustained Achievement Award. 

As the title sponsor of SGA for the second year, StarHub Limited aims to further environmental outreach efforts to all schools across Singapore.

3R Awards

The 3R Awards (based on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) recognise and reinforce the positive environmental effects which students and teachers learn about. This programme encourages everyone in schools to inculcate the continuous habit of practising the 3Rs, contributing to better waste management and enhanced recycling.

Formerly managed by the National Environment Agency, this award has been administered by SEC since July 2013. In 2016, the 3R Awards will be fully integrated into the SGA framework.

As with SGA, the 3R Awards is open to preschools, primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, international schools, schools for students with special needs and IHLs in Singapore.

Based on a similar point system, the ‘Towards a Zero-Waste Nation: 3Rs and Waste Management’ section in schools’ SGA submission will determine winners of the "Best 3R Performance" certificate. This title which recognises overall best performance in the areas of 3R, will be awarded to only one school per education level from 2016 onwards. 

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